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You’ve Got to Want to Be in Charge

There is a little more unsettling to employees than having a boss who shows a lack of commitment in his responsibility as a leader. The issue is so grave that companies fall or rise because of this.

Who Is In Charge?

Too often, the control of many companies falls to people who know “the right people” but lack the ambition, courage and capabilities to be a leader. Such disinterest, cowardice and incompetence is manifested in various actions that discourage and bewilder staff members throughout the company, thus giving your competition the advantage.

It is the responsibility of every person to choose and follow only those managers and leaders who demonstrate a desire to lead. Such leaders will be of no composite character. They will be as different from one another as one employee is different from any other. They will not be laden with all human virtues, nor will they possess a flawless character. So don’t expect to find the “perfect boss!” – He or she does Not exist.

Finding the Right Leader

Committed leaders, those with a lust for leadership, a willingness to serve, will, however, be distinguishable by their wisdom, sincerity, benevolence, authority and courage. They will have a human quality and a strong commitment to the cause and that of those they serve.

Men or women who aspire to become leaders often do not have such motives from the beginning. Now perhaps you would ask of me, “How would I know if I possess sufficient desire to be a leader?“ To those who wish my advice, I offer these thoughts:

  1. Above all other traits, one who desires to lead must possess an intrinsic desire to achieve substantial personal recognition and be willing to earn it in all fairness.
  2. You must have resilience to overcome personal misfortunes, discouragement, rejection and disappointment.
  3. You must have the courage, creativity and stamina to focus on accomplishing your responsibilities through the directed, delegated efforts of subordinates.
  4. You must recognize and accept that your greatness will be made possible through the extremes of your personality – the very extremes that sometimes make for water cooler talk, satire and legendary stories.
  5. You must not let your desire to lead take the form of overeagerness. This would cost failure for many. You must be willing to temper your desire to lead with preparation, experience and opportunity.
  6. You must remember that success in your office will depend largely upon your sustained willingness to work hard. Sweat rules over inspiration!
  7. You must be committed to persevere even in the face of opposition and challenge.
  8. You must be determined to apply massive common sense in solving complex problems.
  9. You must not be threatened by capable contemporaries or subordinates. Rather, you must be wise in selecting capable leaders around you to achieve those things that you cannot attain on your own.
  10. You must be willing to make unrecognized and thankless personal sacrifice for those you serve and those you lead. This sacrifice may take the form of absence from a family event, spending extraordinary energies and patience to develop assistants and tending to the needs of these assistants at times when your own needs go unfulfilled. You must be willing to bypass a holiday or an event in your own home if a situation in the workplace requires your presence and attention.
  11. You must have a passion to succeed – a passion that drives you to prepare yourself and your team members to excel.
  12. You must be willing to learn, to listen and to grow in your awareness and abilities to perform the duties of your office. This is not often accomplished without tremendous effort and sacrifice of other interests.
  13. You must be willing to remain your natural self and not take on an aura of false pride in your demeanor.
  14. You must be willing to accept the simple fact that you have flaws and will need to work every day to become a better leader than you were yesterday.

I leave you with this last piece of advice; never accept an office of leadership for which you are not willing to pay the price necessary to successfully fulfill its obligations.

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Eduardo Quintana makes a living as a Restaurant Manager but is an accomplished writer, speaker and blogger. Eduardo began writing in 2015 and he founded soon after that. Manly Training was launched as a community for Pastors, Church Leaders, bloggers, and TV/Radio host rock stars, Manly Training is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from all around the world who understand the importance of Training Men according to God's design. Eduardo is looking to become a full time author and speaker as he continues to launch groundbreaking websites that are making a difference in today's world. These websites include "Biblical Information Group" - and "Leaders by ejq3" Straight From The Horse's Mouth: "Hi, my name is Eduardo Quintana. I'm a Christian author, a speaker and a blogger living in San Antonio TX. I specialize in bringing God's Word to Families, especially the men (young or old). I've worked with groups of all shapes and sizes so contact me if you'd like to work together to bring men back to God's design and see families restored to God's plan and purpose! email:

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