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Eduardo Quintana makes a living as a Restaurant Manager but is an accomplished writer, speaker and blogger. Eduardo began writing in 2015 and he founded soon after that. Manly Training was launched as a community for Pastors, Church Leaders, bloggers, and TV/Radio host rock stars, Manly Training is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from all around the world who understand the importance of Training Men according to God's design. Eduardo is looking to become a full time author and speaker as he continues to launch groundbreaking websites that are making a difference in today's world. Straight From The Horse's Mouth: "Hi, my name is Eduardo Quintana. I'm a Christian author, a speaker and a blogger living in San Antonio TX. I've worked with groups of all shapes and sizes so contact me if you'd like to work together to see families restored to God's plan and purpose! email:

What are You Afraid Of – The Manly Training Show

NO FEAR! We’ve all seen the bumper sticker or the T-shirts but do we understand what this “American Slogan” is doing to us? Watch this short video and find out. Continue reading What are You Afraid Of – The Manly Training Show

The Destiny of Man – T.H. White

“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.”
― T.H. White, The Once and Future King

So What’s The Big Deal About Adam and Eve?

So what’s the big deal about Adam and Eve and their sin? Well, let me give you a sober warning. When we sin, the consequences of that sin are like the ripple effect on the surface of a body of water. What Eve did affected Adam and what they both did affected us all. Continue reading So What’s The Big Deal About Adam and Eve?

You and I and the Endless Family Flaw.

Let me ask you a question and be honest with yourself. Is your family perfect or flawed? If you are honest with me today, you will agree that your family has quite a few flaws. And so do you for that matter! The fact is that we are all flawed, but we’re not flawed beyond hope! With God’s help we can overcome the impact of our flawedness. The endless family flaw has a remedy, GOD’S GRACE IS GREATER THAN OUR FAMILY FLAWS! Continue reading You and I and the Endless Family Flaw.

Surviving Your Family Flaws post COVID-19

We all want to have the perfect family. Today’s episode is the first in the series “The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Family“. Today we discuss how to survive family flaws. Continue reading Surviving Your Family Flaws post COVID-19