Together – Biblical Unity at It’s Best!

Together – Biblical Unity at It’s Best!

UNITY. The only way to achieve “Heaven on Earth”. This manly trait is essential if we are to live a complete Christian lifestyle! Listen to this 10 minute podcast. Together – Biblical Unity at It’s Best will bless you.


Jesus The Teenage Rebel – part 1

Jesus The Teenage Rebel

I wish there were a couple hundred more verses at the end of Luke 2. I wish there were more stories about Jesus’ teen years. some indication of how He related to His peers or how He and His parents got along.

Somehow we get this idea that Jesus’ growing up must have been conflict-free; that since He was sinless everything would have been just fine all the time. That simply can’t be true – Jesus was perfect but His parents (and siblings) weren’t!

Maybe Mary was having a bad day and got all mad at Jesus for something He didn’t do. Maybe Joseph hit his thumb with His hammer one time and tried to blame it on Jesus because He made some noise in the shop right then. Then maybe one of His siblings lied and got Jesus in trouble (it wouldn’t be the last time He was punished for someone else’s wrongs). How would Jesus have responded when He saw His parents sin? There may have been some conflict!

The point is that there would inevitably have been some conflict. Even though Jesus was without sin, His parents and siblings were not. Continue reading Jesus The Teenage Rebel – part 1