What is ejq3?

The idea was born when founder, Eduardo Quintana, noticed that there were no good options for all natural personal care products for him or his family. Eduardo is also the founder of Manly Training Ministries and was looking for a way to make MTM self sustainable, thus he combined them both. All profit from these high quality products are donated to Manly Training Ministries to fund groups and projects such as:

“Pure Men” – a program designed to help men break free from sexual addiction and pronography.

“Fatherless Dads” – a three fold program helping new dads understand fatherhood,

“Project Clean up the Street” – where we assist our local homeless shelters by providing them with basic toiletries to help “clean up” homeless men, women and children and give them back some of the dignity that has been lost.

ejq3 is for you

Whether you are 5 or 50 or more, ejq3 products are for you. Our natural ingredients and high quality products are made for you and  all of them are formulated to help you look and feel your best!

Made under the TEXAS sun

Each product is carefully made with 100% natural ingredients. But the best part is that we use the HOT Texas sun to help us make them. Infused oils bake under the scorching Hot Texas sun until they are perfect! Then they are stored in a dark cellar at 65 degrees for 6 months until the infused oil is ready to be used. Finally, we blend the oils with the 100% all natural ingredients to make our high quality products that small as unique as they actually are! From Beard oil to body scrubs and everything in between, ejq3 has it all for you.

As big as Texas

We know this will be as big as Texas. It was born here and you all know what they say about Texas! “Everything is bigger in Texas”. 


We do it God's Way!

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