What are Beard Oils?

I bet you didn’t know that 55% of men all over the word sport facial hair! And in America, about one third of American Men have a beard. Have you noticed that in the last few years, beards have become very popular?

And I bet you didn’t know that growing a beard actually has a lot of benefits. According to research, beards block 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. This makes your risk for skin cancer lower dramatically.

And if you have allergies, a beard can actually help by catching dust and pollen, acting as a filter to keep those allergens out of your nose and lungs! Furthermore, beards help keep your facial skin moisturize by providing an extra layer of protection against the elements.

If you’re tired of skin disorders such as acne, put your razor away! Shaving can cause nicks that attract bacteria, and everyday shaving can actually spread bacteria all over your face, irritating the skin and leading to throbbing in-grown hairs, rashes and possibly even infections.

Although growing a beard has tons of benefits (not to mention, a well-groomed beard attracts the ladies – don’t take our word for it, see what the NY Times has to say), just about every man who ever tried to grow a beard knows that growing a beard comes with its own set of challenges.

If you’ve ever experienced beard itch, beard dandruff or beardruff (yes there is a word for it!), whether you’re on the stubble phase or proudly sport a full beard, there’s just one amazing product you need to alleviate discomfort, support and maintain beard growth – and that product is beard oil.

Our Beard Oils are solar infused under the Hot Texas sun! It takes months to make one batch of this high quality beard oil. As the process of making them starts by baking the spices or elements used for the oils under the Texas sun for several days. Then we heat up the oil under the Texas sun for another 72 hours and pour the hot oil into the vats with the spices or elements for the unfused oil.

After letting the oils sit under the sun in Amber bottles for 7 days, we move the bottles to a cool dark celar for 6 months where the temperature of the oil is kept at a constant 65 degrees. This allows the oil to get the maximum benefit from the infusing process and gravity helps separate the oil from the particles of spices elements used. Finally, the oil is carefully filtered and bottled for sale. 

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